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Google Photos App – Android’s Best Photo Organizer

Google Photos App for Android was the best and most raving announcements that google made in their Google I/O 2015. It is a free photo management app which offers high resolution image unlimited storage (maximum 16MP) and unlimited storage for videos (1080p Maximum) as well. This app is available in iOS, Android and Desktop and this way you can sync your images from your devices as well.

Since then google has been constantly innovating the photos app and refining the user experience. Here are some of the top features of this great google service.

  1. Easy Uploads: It’s really easy to upload photos and videos using google photos app. There is a drag and drop interface, as well as an auto-syncing feature to sync all your videos and photos to the cloud. You can browser photos from url as well and drop countless number of videos and images there.
  2. No Duplicates: Google uses image searching to find out similar images and merges them to leave just one photo. This cleans up your storage space automatically.
  3. High Quality Images: Google has an option to upload high quality images for free but if you want to preserve the original quality, the photos will be stored in your google drive.
  4. Photo Search: The best part about google photos is that you can search for keywords and find results of similar images. Google has constantly been updating this feature like Google Virtual Assistant but still there is a long way to go before the photos search can correctly recognize each and every image as some results turn out to be deceiving still.
  5. Easy Selector: Like  the Tilt Brush Gallery by google, you can effortlessly select images in google photos. You just need to long press an image to select it and then tap on each of the next photos or while pressing just drag till the last photo you want to select to select a bunch of photos at once.
  6. Gallery View: Photos also has swipe and pinch gestures, you can enlarge the thumbnails of the photos by expanding your fingers and by contracting, you can reduce the thumbnail size.
  7. Assistant: Photos has its own assistant in built. This feature would go through images looking for similarities and relationships among the photos. Then it would compile them together, prompt you to either save them or discard them.
  8. Image Editing: Photos has an inbuilt photo editor. This photo editor can easily be accessed by pressing the pencil icon on the top right corner. You can do all the small time editing like cropping, adjusting shades, colors and lights, etc. You can even apply some filters that are pre-defined.
  9. Compression: The images uploaded to photos are of a much smaller size as compared to the original images. These compressions are about 80% of compression rate. This is a great tool for optimizing photos for websites for increasing the load speed.

All these handy features show that Google Photos is one of the best photo organizers in the business. You never have to worry about running out of storage with google photos app for android and iOS and Web. With it’s intelligent assistant, photos allows you to edit, search, share and group photos from the app itself. This is clearly a negative sign for its competitors like Flickr, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.

The jam packed features of this incredible app clearly depicts how google photos app is android’s best photo organizer.

Community based Traffic App Waze app Review

With the rising population there are many concerns rising with it. While the countries debate on employment and pollution concerns, one of the immediate effect of upsurge in population is often negated and not taken care of. It is traffic.

Many developers around the globe and contributed to the creation of applications that keep the users aware of the traffic and routes around them. Amongst the variety of google products and service list, Google has not refrained from traffic management and has contributed in the application called Waze. Here we give you the complete Waze app review.

The application Waze uses a unique approach as compared to other applications in this sector. It connects the many drivers from each other and build communities that comprise of local drivers. By an interaction amongst them, the application aims to enhance the quality of daily driving of each person. This means that the drivers would not have to get stuck up in the traffic and get frustrated, not get into traps set up by the police officials and cutting down the travelling time by few minutes or more by discovering new routes you never knew about.

After the user types in the address of the destination, the user provides the application with important data from the road. The user can also actively be involved and share accidents reports, traps by police and any other form of hazard to other drivers and warn them in advance. Not only does the Waze app benefit the drivers in the local communities, Waze is also used by an online community consisting of map editors who make sure that all the data that is displayed in the map is accurate and updated to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

The various characteristics of Waze like its accuracy, its pack full of features, road alerts, traffic information and the fact that it is free has made the Waze app reviews received by several users very good. The app is certainly considered as the highest ranking app in its category. Waze was recently acquired by the juggernaut, Google. However, despite all the features of Waze, it cannot serve as a replacement for the Google maps. Waze unlike the Google maps does not show the 3D buildings and does not provide with any directions transit the driving. The Waze app can be used without the creation of an account, but we urge you to create an account as it will help you to connect to much larger driver community that contribute to enhancing your driving experience.

Google had purchased the Waze for a sum of about 1.15 billion dollars. There several reasons as to why the google projects list added Waze which is a mapping service from Israel.

Firstly, Waze has an active and larger engagement of users.

Secondly, Google had faced competition from other giants like Apple and Facebook in the acquisition of Waze. In order to keep the rivals away from the technology of Waze, Google clinched the deal with Waze.

Thirdly, the technology and features of Waze complement the Google maps. Waze incorporates all the features like the presence of police, accident reports, blocked roads and speed cameras that are lacking in the Google maps.

Just as the tilt brush gallery tool made an exponential growth under the virtual reality category of Google, Waze app too will become the ultimate traffic guidance system under the flagship of Google and make the Waze app review even better.

Thus under the guidance and development under the flagship of Google which has also set milestones in others sectors like virtual reality with the help of the, we are sure that this sector will also see exponential growth in the upcoming times.

The Virtual Reality Artist Tilt Brush and Tilt Brush Gallery

The multi-faceted Google never ceases to amaze us. With multiple services and fascinating products, Google once again carves a niche with the development of the Tilt Brush Gallery.

This product of Google lets you paint in the 3D space with the help of virtual reality. This is an ultimate experience for artists as they can use their walls around them as a canvas and create dynamic and immersive art with their endless imagination as a palette.

With an absolutely unique interface for the users, the virtual reality makes the experience much more fun and admirable.  The Fast company has very appropriately called the Tilt Brush Gallery as the Microsoft Paint for the year 2020.

The virtual reality artist tilt brush adds so much more to its utility with features that accentuates the existing painting. The user has the option to use either ink or smoke or ice or fire or stars or painting rainbows. This virtual palette has limitless choices that will make your imagination surely run wild.

Tilt Brush is a very simple tool with an easy to understand and use GUI that can be used by various users from varied backgrounds and create an art comprising of a plethora of styles in the virtual reality platform. Not only can the use sketch his/her art in the Tilt Brush Gallery, he /she can also film their respective sketches, export the sketch as 3D objects and take snapshots in 2D.

The open source Tilt Brush Toolkit library can be used to carry out the creation of more interactive and narrative objects with the virtual reality Tilt Brush.

The Tilt Brush Gallery team entered into an experiment with the Chrome team known as the Virtual Art Sessions. This experiment was conducted with the help of 6 renowned artists of the world whose drawing sessions with the Tilt Brush Gallery were observed and recorded.

This experiment can be experienced by anyone using the web with no additional plug-ins.

The project is inclusive of all essential data like the position of the virtual reality controllers, the artwork’s 3D geometry and the points cloud data of the physical form of the artist including the angles at which he began drawing.

Although Moonshots Google has been improving Tilt Brush, it came into existence with the commendable and praise worthy efforts of Patrick Hackett and Drew Skillman however the inception of the Tilt Brush had never occurred to them.

Both Hackett as well as Skillman are former developers of video game who are now contributing their valuable skills in the virtual reality platform. These two enthusiasts were working on their project to create the game of chess that runs in 3 D. While working, they came across a flaw in their chess application. Every time a chess piece moved, it left a trail of light behind it. This was the ground breaking idea and this flaw became the basis for the creation of Tilt Brush.

Tilt Brush got its name from the its earlier versions where the artists were capable of drawing only a 2D figure and then tilt it as required. However, later when Google purchased, the company of Skillman and Hackett, the talented developers of Google worked on this and created the application that can now draw 3D objects without any surface.

With the continuous rapid strides Google is making, we can say with conviction that the Tilt Brush Gallery will very soon incorporate more features like the sequencing the art, increasing interactivity and adding animation. It might even get integration with Google Virtual Assistant in the coming future.

Welcome to the Future – Google Virtual Assistant your Android Personal Assistant

Google released the Google Virtual Assistant with their flagship Google Pixel on 20th October, 2016 against their rivals Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. Google Assistant was first unveiled at Google I/O and now Google Assistant comes along with their latest Android Nougat to almost all android devices as an android personal assistant. Google Assistant is also integrated in Google Home and Android Wear devices there for your virtual assistant stays with you all the time.

Google Assistant is like an extension or upgrade of Google Now. Google Now was a simple voice controlled search engine extension of google search. With google assistant you can not only search online but control functions of your phone as well.

What can Google Assistant Do?

Although there are tons of features hidden inside this machine learning powered tool created by Google but here are some of the most useful ones.

  1. Find Answers: Google Assistant has the power of the largest search engine in the world with it and with Google’s Natural Language Processing power, google assistant can understand any kind of question and answer accordingly. You can answer questions like What time is it in New York? When is Valentine’s Day? When is my Brother’s birthday? Google Assistant would understand and provide you with answers. If the assistant can not find a relevant answer, it searches the web for potential answers and displays them on your screen.
  2. Play Music: Google Assistant has the power to play music locally as well as online. You can use generic terms like Play some music and according to your preferences, google assistant would play music. You can say Listen to Linkin Park on Spotify and it would play Linkin Park songs via Spotify. If you are in mood to workout, you may ask google assistant to play workout music.
  3. Set Reminders and Alarms: Google Assistant can set reminders and alarms with ease. You can use normal english sentences like remind me to take the trash out at 7pm, or remember to book tickets for a movie, etc. Google Assistant can understand billions of english sentences with ease now and it gets smarter day by day.
  4. Weather: You can check for weather of course and google assistant understands english really well, you can ask how’s the weather directly. You can even ask questions like will i be needing an umbrella tomorrow? Yes, google assistant is that smart.
  5. Get Information: You can get sports results, restaurants nearby, places nearby, travel information, translations, timers, personal stuff,etc.
  6. Integrated with Google Apps: Google Assistant is directly linked to google apps like GMail, Maps, Waze, and Google App, and due to this you don’t miss any appointment, and use one app for all your work.
  7. Have Fun: Getting Bored? play with google assistant. Just say I’m bored and google assistant would entertain you. You can play games, get jokes, quotes, etc.

Google Assistant is constantly evolving and google has been adding brand new features to this incredible development. Recently, Google Assistant got an update in which the user can now interact with their text messages as well. Assistant can read your text messages aloud and allow you to reply to them as well.

We just hope they integrate more and more features into this personal assistant including complete control of google photos app in android. Google Photos app is already smart as it can now recognize, places, faces, and many more but it would be cool to see google virtual assistant assisting in other standalone apps as well and become the android personal assistant we need it to be.

Moonshots Google – The center of the Craziest Innovations of the World

Moonshots Google or X Factory under Google parent Alphabet Inc. is Google’s one and only semi-secret research and development facility. This facility is famous for their over the top, unbelievable projects, that graduate as separate companies under Alphabet Inc. Under the leadership of Dr. Astro Teller, who has been the CEO of Google X since 2010, Moonshots has seen a lot of projects to go from idea phase to market phase. A lot failed as well but Teller believes that failure is extremely important at Moonshots as it gives birth to new innovations.

Dr. Astro Teller is an author, scientist and entrepreneur and he specializes in intelligent technology. Teller has been the co-founder of a lot of companies like BodyMedia, and Cerebellum Capital before taking the helm at Moonshots Google. He has given a lot of Tedx talks on the importance of failure and trial and error. He is not just a business executive, but an inspirational figure who inspires young minds to go beyond the textbooks and imagine as imagination is the key to innovation.

Moonshots Google has a long google projects list and most are highly innovative and thoughtful. Here are some of our best picks.

  1. Google Watch: Everyone dreamed of having a watch that could do more than just show time after watching lots of James Bond and other spy movies. Google made your dream come true. Google Watch graduated from X in 2013, and transformed into what we know as Android Wear today. In 2017 android wear 2.0 is the latest operating system which allows manufacturers like Moto, LG, Sony, Asus, Huawei, etc. to make affordable and high end smart watches that most of us use now. Android Wear syncs to any android device and lets you control everything from calling to messaging to listening to music using just the watch.
  2. Waymo: Inching to a future where the cars would drive on the roads by themselves, Moonshots project of a self driving car graduated into Waymo in 2016. This technology has now successfully driven 2 Million miles without human interference and taken in data of about 1 billion miles of simulated driving in just 2016. This self driving car technology keeps on evolving and learning whether a human drives the car or it is self driven.
  3. Verily: Google has been working extensively on making computer systems smarter like their android personal assistant and Verily is also in the same line. Graduated in 2015, Verily is a life sciences engine that helps hospitals and patients to carefully organize their health data for better understanding of the ailments and their cure. This innovation has already helped billions of people and still growing into the biggest health service.
  4. Project Wing: This is currently in the project phase and google is very serious to finish this project by the end of this year. Project Wing is a drone freight delivery service which would be used in Google’s ecommerce plans but it still requires a lot of testing in terms of feasibility and safety.
  5. Project Loon: Also currently in the project phase, Project Loon is a way google plans to provide internet access to the entire world. They are putting huge balloons up in the sky and beam internet down to the ground. They would be providing high speed internet to the emerging markets. This tech could help bring billions of people online.

Many other projects are in the itinerary of Moonshots Google. Some being Makani, the sustainable wind energy solution, Flux, the big data solution, Google Brain, the innovative machine learning product, and many more. We know Dr. Astro Teller and team are constantly innovating to bring cutting edge technology directly into the customer’s hand in a feasible and inexpensive way and we would love them to be added in our google products and services list soon.