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Love Google Gadgets is a simple blog that contains reviews and comparisons of the best of new google gadgets. It also contains a detailed google products and services list for business as well as home uses. Google has been innovating under the leadership of Sundar Pichai and has done wonders the past few years. It has become the most innovative company each year. Google has started many new projects in their secret research and development lab called X – The Moonshot Factory. A lot of them have already launched and some are about to.

Our blog would get you first access to all the new google gadget tech with in depth reviews and professional comparison metrics. That’s not it. We would also guide you into buying the best tech in all gadget categories. Google has always thrived to provide with the best of the best gadgets in all segments.

There was a time in our life when we survived without Google. But now we search everything on it. Be it smartphones like the Nexus Series, the new Google Pixel variants, the latest Google Smartwatch, Google Cardboard, Apps, SDKs, etc, our site contains the totally unbiased review that could help you make the decision in buying your next google gadget.

Google has also been working on virtual reality like Tilt Brush. Tilt Brush is a technology engineered by google for allowing artist to paint in a 3D model. Many innovative artists have used Tilt Brush to create an entire Tilt Brush Gallery. A tilt brush gallery app is also available where you can use your run of the mill Google Cardboard to adore the ornate creations.

Google’s Photos app has also been innovating a lot. Now their state of the art photos search engine can recognize places without the location tag, events like birthdays, people, etc. A lot of innovations are coming our way from Google’s Moonshots Factory and soon the world will be a better place because of Google.

After reading through this blog we can guarantee that you would start loving google gadgets to the extent that we love google gadgets. Google is not just a profit based company. It has been doing a lot to bring the exciting new tech reachable to everyone. Google’s Project Loon is one of such projects. It would help backward places to get connected to internet.

Google’s new Assistant is one of the smartest most reliable Machine Learning personal assistant. Apple’s Siri is certainly the oldest assistant but Google Assistant is the best. There are many more assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana but none match the might and understanding of the Google Assistant. Google’s Natural Language Processing capabilities can now understand native languages of more than 100 countries.

The interconnectivity between all the google products is mind blowing. One account for all services is provided by the tech giant google and this blog is your one stop to learn about all google products and services list.

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