The Virtual Reality Artist Tilt Brush and Tilt Brush Gallery

The multi-faceted Google never ceases to amaze us. With multiple services and fascinating products, Google once again carves a niche with the development of the Tilt Brush Gallery.

This product of Google lets you paint in the 3D space with the help of virtual reality. This is an ultimate experience for artists as they can use their walls around them as a canvas and create dynamic and immersive art with their endless imagination as a palette.

With an absolutely unique interface for the users, the virtual reality makes the experience much more fun and admirable.  The Fast company has very appropriately called the Tilt Brush Gallery as the Microsoft Paint for the year 2020.

The virtual reality artist tilt brush adds so much more to its utility with features that accentuates the existing painting. The user has the option to use either ink or smoke or ice or fire or stars or painting rainbows. This virtual palette has limitless choices that will make your imagination surely run wild.

Tilt Brush is a very simple tool with an easy to understand and use GUI that can be used by various users from varied backgrounds and create an art comprising of a plethora of styles in the virtual reality platform. Not only can the use sketch his/her art in the Tilt Brush Gallery, he /she can also film their respective sketches, export the sketch as 3D objects and take snapshots in 2D.

The open source Tilt Brush Toolkit library can be used to carry out the creation of more interactive and narrative objects with the virtual reality Tilt Brush.

The Tilt Brush Gallery team entered into an experiment with the Chrome team known as the Virtual Art Sessions. This experiment was conducted with the help of 6 renowned artists of the world whose drawing sessions with the Tilt Brush Gallery were observed and recorded.

This experiment can be experienced by anyone using the web with no additional plug-ins.

The project is inclusive of all essential data like the position of the virtual reality controllers, the artwork’s 3D geometry and the points cloud data of the physical form of the artist including the angles at which he began drawing.

Although Moonshots Google has been improving Tilt Brush, it came into existence with the commendable and praise worthy efforts of Patrick Hackett and Drew Skillman however the inception of the Tilt Brush had never occurred to them.

Both Hackett as well as Skillman are former developers of video game who are now contributing their valuable skills in the virtual reality platform. These two enthusiasts were working on their project to create the game of chess that runs in 3 D. While working, they came across a flaw in their chess application. Every time a chess piece moved, it left a trail of light behind it. This was the ground breaking idea and this flaw became the basis for the creation of Tilt Brush.

Tilt Brush got its name from the its earlier versions where the artists were capable of drawing only a 2D figure and then tilt it as required. However, later when Google purchased, the company of Skillman and Hackett, the talented developers of Google worked on this and created the application that can now draw 3D objects without any surface.

With the continuous rapid strides Google is making, we can say with conviction that the Tilt Brush Gallery will very soon incorporate more features like the sequencing the art, increasing interactivity and adding animation. It might even get integration with Google Virtual Assistant in the coming future.