Moonshots Google – The center of the Craziest Innovations of the World

Moonshots Google or X Factory under Google parent Alphabet Inc. is Google’s one and only semi-secret research and development facility. This facility is famous for their over the top, unbelievable projects, that graduate as separate companies under Alphabet Inc. Under the leadership of Dr. Astro Teller, who has been the CEO of Google X since 2010, Moonshots has seen a lot of projects to go from idea phase to market phase. A lot failed as well but Teller believes that failure is extremely important at Moonshots as it gives birth to new innovations.

Dr. Astro Teller is an author, scientist and entrepreneur and he specializes in intelligent technology. Teller has been the co-founder of a lot of companies like BodyMedia, and Cerebellum Capital before taking the helm at Moonshots Google. He has given a lot of Tedx talks on the importance of failure and trial and error. He is not just a business executive, but an inspirational figure who inspires young minds to go beyond the textbooks and imagine as imagination is the key to innovation.

Moonshots Google has a long google projects list and most are highly innovative and thoughtful. Here are some of our best picks.

  1. Google Watch: Everyone dreamed of having a watch that could do more than just show time after watching lots of James Bond and other spy movies. Google made your dream come true. Google Watch graduated from X in 2013, and transformed into what we know as Android Wear today. In 2017 android wear 2.0 is the latest operating system which allows manufacturers like Moto, LG, Sony, Asus, Huawei, etc. to make affordable and high end smart watches that most of us use now. Android Wear syncs to any android device and lets you control everything from calling to messaging to listening to music using just the watch.
  2. Waymo: Inching to a future where the cars would drive on the roads by themselves, Moonshots project of a self driving car graduated into Waymo in 2016. This technology has now successfully driven 2 Million miles without human interference and taken in data of about 1 billion miles of simulated driving in just 2016. This self driving car technology keeps on evolving and learning whether a human drives the car or it is self driven.
  3. Verily: Google has been working extensively on making computer systems smarter like their android personal assistant and Verily is also in the same line. Graduated in 2015, Verily is a life sciences engine that helps hospitals and patients to carefully organize their health data for better understanding of the ailments and their cure. This innovation has already helped billions of people and still growing into the biggest health service.
  4. Project Wing: This is currently in the project phase and google is very serious to finish this project by the end of this year. Project Wing is a drone freight delivery service which would be used in Google’s ecommerce plans but it still requires a lot of testing in terms of feasibility and safety.
  5. Project Loon: Also currently in the project phase, Project Loon is a way google plans to provide internet access to the entire world. They are putting huge balloons up in the sky and beam internet down to the ground. They would be providing high speed internet to the emerging markets. This tech could help bring billions of people online.

Many other projects are in the itinerary of Moonshots Google. Some being Makani, the sustainable wind energy solution, Flux, the big data solution, Google Brain, the innovative machine learning product, and many more. We know Dr. Astro Teller and team are constantly innovating to bring cutting edge technology directly into the customer’s hand in a feasible and inexpensive way and we would love them to be added in our google products and services list soon.