Community based Traffic App Waze app Review

With the rising population there are many concerns rising with it. While the countries debate on employment and pollution concerns, one of the immediate effect of upsurge in population is often negated and not taken care of. It is traffic.

Many developers around the globe and contributed to the creation of applications that keep the users aware of the traffic and routes around them. Amongst the variety of google products and service list, Google has not refrained from traffic management and has contributed in the application called Waze. Here we give you the complete Waze app review.

The application Waze uses a unique approach as compared to other applications in this sector. It connects the many drivers from each other and build communities that comprise of local drivers. By an interaction amongst them, the application aims to enhance the quality of daily driving of each person. This means that the drivers would not have to get stuck up in the traffic and get frustrated, not get into traps set up by the police officials and cutting down the travelling time by few minutes or more by discovering new routes you never knew about.

After the user types in the address of the destination, the user provides the application with important data from the road. The user can also actively be involved and share accidents reports, traps by police and any other form of hazard to other drivers and warn them in advance. Not only does the Waze app benefit the drivers in the local communities, Waze is also used by an online community consisting of map editors who make sure that all the data that is displayed in the map is accurate and updated to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

The various characteristics of Waze like its accuracy, its pack full of features, road alerts, traffic information and the fact that it is free has made the Waze app reviews received by several users very good. The app is certainly considered as the highest ranking app in its category. Waze was recently acquired by the juggernaut, Google. However, despite all the features of Waze, it cannot serve as a replacement for the Google maps. Waze unlike the Google maps does not show the 3D buildings and does not provide with any directions transit the driving. The Waze app can be used without the creation of an account, but we urge you to create an account as it will help you to connect to much larger driver community that contribute to enhancing your driving experience.

Google had purchased the Waze for a sum of about 1.15 billion dollars. There several reasons as to why the google projects list added Waze which is a mapping service from Israel.

Firstly, Waze has an active and larger engagement of users.

Secondly, Google had faced competition from other giants like Apple and Facebook in the acquisition of Waze. In order to keep the rivals away from the technology of Waze, Google clinched the deal with Waze.

Thirdly, the technology and features of Waze complement the Google maps. Waze incorporates all the features like the presence of police, accident reports, blocked roads and speed cameras that are lacking in the Google maps.

Just as the tilt brush gallery tool made an exponential growth under the virtual reality category of Google, Waze app too will become the ultimate traffic guidance system under the flagship of Google and make the Waze app review even better.

Thus under the guidance and development under the flagship of Google which has also set milestones in others sectors like virtual reality with the help of the, we are sure that this sector will also see exponential growth in the upcoming times.